How to Clean Your Jodi Rae Jewelry

For Matte Jewelry:

  • Use a Scotch-Brite pad like the one used to scrub pots and pans (found at any supermarket)

  • Don’t be scared! Gently rub the surface of your matte-finished jewelry, careful to avoid stones.

  • Fold the pad around chain and gently pull the chain through to remove tarnish while preserving the oxidized details.

  • Rinse with water, dry and enjoy your bling!

For Shiny Jewelry:

  • Gently rub with polishing cloth. I recommend sunshine cloths.

Important Tips:

  • Do NOT put your Jodi Rae jewels in jewelry dips. This can damage stones and remove oxidized details.

  • Be gentle while wearing your jewels. They are strong and durable, but can be damaged if treated roughly.