Jodi Rae Brownstein

Jewelry designer and owner Jodi Rae, is a skilled designer, creator, craftsman, artist and metal smith specializing in custom jewelry for both women and men. Choosing materials like sterling silver, high karat golds, semiprecious and precious gems and one of a kind stones, Jodi Rae uses diverse signature techniques  in her jewelry making, to create wearable pieces that are truly unique. "My true talents lie in providing jewelry with unmatched quality of stones, unique design and unparalleled versatility for every occasion."

Jodi Rae strives to maintain a fresh approach in her art, always seeking ways to differentiate her pieces from anything she's seen before. Her life-long passion for adventure in finding new inspiration has led her to many places across the world, including Florence, Italy where she went through an intensive jewelry-making program. Under the instruction of an international staff from Italy, Brazil and China, she was trained in a number of ancient techniques including filigree, granulation, mokume, pave and various stone-setting methods. With this acquired skill and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Colorado, it's no wonder that Jodi Rae has her own successful company and a community of dedicated collectors among an ever-expanding sea of Jodi Rae Designs customers. 

The consistent market and response to her work has brought her honors including features in various publications, television broadcasts, and awards. She has been represented in multiple galleries around the country, and has participated in various national juried exhibitions and art fairs."It's an adventure for me every time I start a new design;" says the artist, "I often end up in a completely different place than I anticipate, and that's an exhilarating process for me.


"I Am An Artist Who Has Been Making And Selling My Own Handcrafted Jewelry Since The Age Of 8. My Art Has Become Not Just My Passion, But Also My Life's Work, And I Am Thrilled To Share It With You.

I Have Spent The Past Few Decades Honing And Developing My Own Versatile Style Of Jewelry Using Sterling Silver, 18- And 22-Karat Gold, Semiprecious And Precious Gems, And Many Different Kinds Of Minerals And Stones. I Have Always Been Drawn To Rare And Unique Stones In Nature, And I Pride Myself On Finding The Most Strikingly Beautiful Specimens To Use In My Pieces."

~Jodi Rae Brownstein